Hosting Webinars? Does this sound familiar…

Prospect: “I missed the webinar, will you put out a recording?”

You: “Click! 40.23-minute webinar recording coming right up😁. ”

Prospect: “Arg!😳 Too busy.” (Closes email and goes back to browsing LinkedIn)

Have a podcast?

Does this sound like your audiences’ world?

“I’m at 3.74x listening speed but still can’t find the golden nugget I heard while washing dishes.”

“There are so many good podcasts yet so little time.”

“I have so many podcasts in my playlist right now. Is this one going to be any good?”

Comments from real podcast listeners

How are you expanding your podcasts’ and webinars’ reach without asking for a 40.25 min time commitment?

What we do

  • We turn your podcasts and webinars into interesting skimmable articles that re-engage old listeners and attract new ones in multiple channels.
    • PS: Your podcast insights are the base which we turn into attention-grabbing, example-riddled and image-sprinkled articles.
  • We identify your insightful moments and chop them up into short, topical video snippets that can spark new conversations on social.
    • (Snippets can be incentives for your podcast & webinar guests to share their network with you.)

Use your old webinars and podcast to generate organic interest in your new ones, increase content volume and expand your reach.

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This repurposing service was inspired by this Case Study:

How NMD+’s Dave Wallace Used the Collaborative Content Creation Framework to Create World-Class Content (Even When He Gets Bored Writing).