Cold Emails for Breakfast

Freelance fintech writer
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Hi, I'm Gabriel Onyango.

A writer wearing a crazy 🙂 researcher's p̵a̵n̵t̵i̵e̵s̵ pants and a cold emailer's heart. The person you call to help craft cold emails that make people want to reply.

I also run an indie publication for salespeople in fintech. Check out for weird insights on ICP research and cold email copywriting. 


Show don’t tell section 

Alright, alright… (scratches an overscratched eyebrow), if you’re in the thick of it, there are always negatives, so here’s one 😉


What past clients have to say

This is Kel Ekeledo, an Account Executive at Kudos (108 employees, $15.8M funding). He shares the value of working with me (using unusual research methods) to sharpen his targeting and messaging. Hopefully, once we’re done, your video will be next to Kel’s 🙂

I will scrape your company’s G2 reviews and analyse the keywords your ideal customers use to describe the problems you solve for them and their impact. That way, you’ll know the strings to pull when selling to someone else. No guesswork, let customer data tell you.

The G2 special

  • Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) keyword report

I will crawl your company’s testimonials and cases studies for ICP insight. These provide a different perspective, especially if there’s video involved. If you don’t have these, give me the URLs of 2 of your top competitors. 

Testimonial & case study snoopaloop

  • Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) keyword report and ICP notes

What are your ICP’s goals and motivations? What were they hired to do? How are they defining success?

Among competing priorities, what’s the most important?

Weirdly, all this information is hidden in the job descriptions of companies hiring for the same job title as your prospect. I will dig up this insight.

The Job-description mission

  • Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) keyword report and ICP notes

I’ll dig through and analyse your G2 reviews, testimonials, and your ICP’s job descriptions for insight. It’s a combination of the three offers above for half the price.

Combo ICP research (G2 reviews+ testimonials+ job descriptions) ​

  • Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) keyword report and ICP notes

The emails in your sequence need to intrigue enough to get an open while bringing attention to a customer’s problem.

But this requires insight into your prospect’s pain points, a trigger that shows your outreach is relevant, and copy that agitates prospects enough for them to re-examine how things stand—without annoying them.

We’ll help you research your customers (dig through G2 reviews, testimonials, job descriptions, etc.) and craft emails that make sense to your prospect.

PS:  your email copy should talk about them more than it does about you while making them interested in you. It’s like stilt walking.

Cold email copywriting

$250/Email copy+voice of customer research
  • Subject lines
  • Voice of customer pain point research
  • Agitating line
  • Call to action (soft and hard alternatives)
  • The quick pitch paragraph

Salespeople are constantly moving up or out. How are you retaining their knowledge and passing it onto new hires during onboarding?

We’ll help you document your best sales processes as Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

All you have to do is:

  • Pick a process you repeat over 4 times a week. E.g. LinkedIn prospecting. 
  • Have someone record their screen while doing it and talking like they’re teaching an intern while sipping tea.

SOPs for sales teams

  • 1 sales process is mapped
  • 1 standard operating procedure doc is created
  • Final format will include text and screenshots
  • We can also cut your process video recordings into 30 sec-1 minute SOPs for areas in need of deeper explanations