Resourceful consultants are using content to get potential customers thinking about the problems they solve and turn that into demand. But what if you are time-starved, don’t enjoy creating tons of content, and don’t know what topics to start with?

Plugging into a Collaborative Content Creation framework allows you to create demand with content without losing valuable time and boring yourself to writing zombiehood?

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Way Out?

With Collaborative creation, all you need is your domain expertise to get your content engine humming. From LinkedIn posts to Twitter, blogs, guest posts, video snippets and audiograms. 

All the content you need to move potential buyers to recognise their need for your service.

Here’s Dave Wallace sharing his experience working with us to create a content engine without having to lose his thought leadership or drowning in words trying to do everything alone.

What Does It Cost?

Starter Package

£453 per session

  • How to do topic selection (based on buying intent).
  • Historical research of topics that have resonated with your audience.
  • Distribution strategy (creation is stage one, how do you get in front of potential customers).
  • Tools you need