How to Leverage Newsy Content for Thought Leadership
Rather than building from scratch, finding and knowing how to leverage newsy content can help ease your thought leadership journey in a few simple steps. If you’ve followed fintech news lately you’ll notice the influx of content about Facebook’s Libra, it’s everywhere. If you want a definition of newsy content, that’s it.  CNN, Forbes, CNBC, The Guardian etc. write a story, readers love it and another publication that’s late to the party sees that. However,
Peer to Peer Lending
As much as growing pains are inevitable, it doesn’t make the experience any better; such has been the experience of the Peer to Peer (P2P) lending industry in 2019. While the most notable one is UK’s Lenndy going into administration for reasons still under investigation by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Asia has seen a much more tumultuous time. Between June 1st and July 20th 2019, 229 P2P lending platforms collapsed in China, under a
Twitter has a 140-character limit that can be annoying at best, especially when there is a lot to say about a topic you’re passionate about. One way of going around this to tell a compelling story is by using twitter threads.  3 Twitter Thread Rules to Observe Every tweet within the thread should build the overall story but be able to make sense on its own (more on why this is important, later).Every tweet within
When everyone and their grandmother knows that content is king,  getting B2B leads on LinkedIn through posts becomes a race where everyone runs at 9.6 m/s. You can put in the effort but the returns won’t always show. However, the great thing about B2B marketing is that when there is a glut of marketers on a platform, opportunity lies therein. If only you can find a way to stand out. LinkedIn Is Emerging as a
Whitepaper & Longform articles
If you have a fintech app, alongside any hopes of having the word viral anywhere near your name, content should be central to your marketing campaign.  However, with some of the most widely used apps spotting the barest of web pages, it’s easy to believe that content, is not as important in marketing an app when that is far from the truth. Whitepapers and long-form blog articles-when used correctly- open up amazing opportunities to give