Whitepaper & Longform articles
If you have a fintech app, alongside any hopes of having the word viral anywhere near your name, content should be central to your marketing campaign.  However, with some of the most widely used apps spotting the barest of web pages, it’s easy to believe that content, is not as important in marketing an app when that is far from the truth. Whitepapers and long-form blog articles-when used correctly- open up amazing opportunities to give
What would it take to unite Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and the Winklevoss twins? You know, the college mates who got a $65 million cash and stock settlement from an intellectual property theft case, against Zuckerberg. Well, the answer is a new currency. The official announcement is not out yet but Facebook is launching a new cryptocurrency, and it might just have the ingredients bitcoin has been missing for widespread payments adoption. Reports from the
Predatory Debt
What predatory debt can do to a person, is turn them from a lion named Simba, destined to rule the Savanna into a Zebra named Jerry (nothing against the Jerry’s of this world) who’s ever looking over their shoulder for that fateful fall of the hammer. According to debt help organization, predatory debt occurs in situations where a lender gives people money knowing they can’t afford to pay it back (even counting on it),