A few Words

About Me

“If what people did in a garage was write, then I’d be the content mechanic you’d always want fixing your content.”

Do You Need Content That Converts?

 If there are two things I’m good at, it’s writing and breaking down complex subjects.

If nothing else, the ability to combine the two is what makes me a great conversational-style writer on fintech topics.

I’m Gabriel Onyango and I can help your brand digitally hard to ignore.

Useful Content

Do you need a writer who's skilled, easy to work with and unafraid to dive deep for you?

“I will go the extra mile because I know what it’s like to be in business and have to juggle multiple tasks just to keep your enterprise above competition. I will dive deep for your content so that you don’t have to , simply because I know what it’s like and have the skill to do it well.”                                                                                                                 

My Background And Experience

I have a background in business journalism, a bachelors in entrepreneurship & innovation, and a passion for finance & tech. This blend of skills and experience equips me enough to bring difficult topics down to the level of the layman and break down finance jargon like water does to a sand castle.
I have experience in crafting business focused and consumer centric content in the fintech niche, as well as a host of other topics, take a look at my portfolio.

What I Can Deliver 

I guarantee that all content I craft for you will contain the following:
  • A catchy headline that is sure to catch attention.
  • A fun, interesting and engaging voice. 
  • Researched, practical and actionable insights that readers can use. 
  • I can also post to your WordPress site as draft to save you time.

Fun Facts About Me

At 18, I took a break from college to go start a farm with zero experience and lost all my investment (I know better now). It is both one of the scariest and most exhilarating experiences you can have-everyone should try it ( or maybe not). 
I literally grew up in a library, my mom was a librarian serving up Charles Dickens for breakfast and J.K Rowling for Dinner. Strange thing is, I disliked reading-a lot- until my writing started getting good and realized oh!…